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These typefaces are designed by Sun Young Oh.

● Flefixx
Font name is combination of 'flexible' and 'prefix'.
To support the project 'How To Wear A Squid'.
Loose connection of the geometric elements.

● Kiko
Crispy didone style typeface.
2 Styles in Ragular and Italic.

● Anthony
Inspired from artworks by Anthony Caro.
By stylistic set of opentype feature, each letter has various forms.

● Erwin
Inspired by Erwin Wurm’s ‘Fat Car’ and ‘Fat House’ series.

● William Wilson
Inspired by letter from the notebook of art nouveau architect Lucien Weissenburger.
It is characterized by horizontally emphasised form.

Specimen sentences come from random algorithm and arranged in the predetermined order.
an adjective + a name + and + an adjective + a name + a verb + an adverb + in + a place.

Please feel free to contact me for purchase request or any questions regarding these fonts.

● Copyright
All images, typography and concepts on these pages, features work by Sun Young Oh, unless stated otherwise.

● Website
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Flefixx Regular
Kiko Regular / Italic
Erwin Regular
Anthony Regular Stylistic Set 01 - 05
William Wilson Horizontal